RAVI GROOVL1N | Hip hop label with friends

RAVI GROOVL1N !!! Ravi of VIXX announce yesterday that he’s gonna start working his solo activities under GROOVL1N . He won’t be alone though


RAVI contract with Jellyfish Entertainment is expired few months ago (relax he’s still part of VIXX and still gonna promote with them). Yesterday, RAVI announce GROOVL1N !! A (not so) new hip hop label, he won’t be alone in the company because his friend Xydo & Coldbay join aswell, GROOVLIN !

RAVI ‘Boiling point’ feat SIk-k

Beside known for his success with VIXX, RAVI also actually did really well as a solo artist. Already have more than 50 tracks (not including unofficial release). He will be exclusively handle his own activities with GROOVL1N while still do activities & working with VIXX. 2019 gonna be a busy busy year for RAVI ! TMI : RAVI is a close friend of Yelowsmob member like Groovyroom, boycold, Sik-k & Onehunnnit.



Member of Poisonholyc crew, XYDO is a talented singer-songwriter that already active in Soundcloud since last year. Also featured in RAVI track ‘Hoodie’ from the 2nd mini album ‘R.OOK BOOK‘ . TMI: Xydo is actually joining online audition for AOMG SIgn here, i wonder how it goes now he already have a new company ??



Coldbay GROOVL1N

Coldbay havent officially debut yet, but he’s quite well known in the Korea hip hop scene as part of university hip hop crew KILLITKOMORI. Coldbay also a part of Okashii gang, already release a mixtape with Okashii gang on Soundcloud.  Can’t wait for Coldbay music on 2019 !!


GROOVL1N also gonna launch a party tomorrow with all the artists (RAVI, XYDO & Coldbay) to celebrate the launch of the label on July 28 at the Yes 24 Live Hall. 

Bonus : RAVI ‘See Through‘ feat Coldbay MV

Make sure to follow RAVI GROOVL1N With Xydo & Coldbay on Instagram : @Ravithecrackkidz  @Xydo_ ; Coldbay_ @groovl1nofficial



We really wish for all the best for the RAVI GROOVL1N & the artists !! Can’t wait to see their project & activites on 2019,