Superbee Rap academy | Next Yng & Rich ??

Superbee Rap academy !! Not coming again this year on Show Me the Money, Superbee decide to make his own survival hip hop show !!

Superbee Rap Academy

This year (2019), Superbee decide to make his own agency after Ghoodlife crew disband. Superbee is the head of the new family Yng & Rich records which have 2 artists under the label : Uneducated Kid & TWLV. Now, Superbee decide to start a new hip hop survival program that gonna be added to the new family of Yng & Rich !!


Superbee rap academy audition

The audition for the show were done at the same time as AOMG ‘Sign here’ & Show Me the Money 8. A fierce competition to fight & find talented rapper in South korea. Still, the show log more than 6.000 contestant that audition. Most notable contestant : Sleepy, Na Sangwook & Kim Geunsoo.



Pure hip hop show, no censoring, more airtime for contestant.

The show is air on Youtube channel & Afreeca TV. So it didnt need to follow regular TV broadcasting guidance like other TV show.One of the critics of SMTM is that the rapper lyrics were often bleep/censored because of curse/inappropriate words for TV-14 (14 years old and above).


MNET also tends give more airtime to popular/winning contender contestant and cut the scene of not so known contestant. There’s lots of rapper who decide to join show like Superbee Rap Academy because they dont think they gonna get enough public exposure/airtime on Show Me The Money.



Superbee Rap academy Ep 1, critics & concerns

Judges/producer. Superbee, Uneducated Kid & TWLV (artist from Yng & rich records) is the judges of the survival show. Uneducated kid & TWLV can be considered a ‘rookie’ in KHH/KRNB industry. It’s not about their skills, but more about their experience & longevity compared to School rapper/SMTM mentors/producer.


There still many concerns such as lack of english subs, contestant introduction & future episode show format. But consider it still early stage we still look forward for more episode ! You can watch the show LIVE on Yng and Rich youtube channel & afreeca TV (If you’re in South Korea).



Make sure to follow Superbee & Yng and rich records on instagram : @originalgimchi &Yngandrichrecords so you don’t miss out the episode !!


What do you think of Superbee Rap academy ?? Is it a good alternative for Show Me The Money ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!