Changmo Killing verse | Hit songs of Changmo Dingo Freestyle

Changmo Killing verse !! Changmo recently perform on Dingo freestyle, The underground rockstar perform his hit tracks !!

Changmo Killing verse

The underground rockstar debut way back on 2014, it seems like Changmo have been in the hip hop scene since forever even though he’s only 94 liner. Last year, he become the maknae (youngest) producer in SMTM 777, Not only a rapper, Changmo is also a maestro as producer, making tracks for others that include Coogie, Hash Swan, Royal, Superbee among many others.


Changmo Killing Verse on DF Freestyle

Selfmade Orange (2018) : Changmo release this track as a part of DNSG EP. Fun fact : Changmo even one time perform this song busking in the street, surprising everyone.

Band (2019): With the Bition boyz !! Changmo latest track ‘Band’ is with fellow Bition boyz, including the new maknae Ash Island (Also known as Clloud / Yoon Jinyoung)

Prime Time Remix (2019) :¬† Changmo is added to the verse of ‘Prime Time’ on The Quiett remix project. Beside Changmo, there’s also ODEE, Hash Swan & Dok2 verse.

I always (2017) : Changmo also participate in Drama OST. back in 2017 Changmo participate in the OST of KBS Drama ‘Hit The Top’ that stars : Cha Taehyun, Yoon Donggu, Kim Minjae, Lee So young & many more.

Interlude (2018) : Also part of DNSG EP, There’s also another version of this track which sounds really great live, Piano version.



One More rollie (2017) : Ambition musik unofficial theme song !! At least until the new member come, i hope they make a remix of One more rollie that feature new member Ash Island & Leellamarz, maybe remixed by way ched ??

Aiya (2016) : Don’t get distracted by the intro of ‘Don Call Me, cash only’ by yumdda. AIYA is one of the most known beat of all changmo songs. when the intro release you know its gonna be a great buildup until AIYA AIYA !!

Erase You (2015) : You won’t find the track on official music sites because it’s release on Soundcloud¬† when Changmo just start his career. This track is one of Soundcloud gem by changmo, make sure to follow his soundcloud : @Changmo to find more hidden gem !



Bonus : Changmo & The Quiett SMTM 777 producer stage

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