Leellamarz Ambition Musik | New Bition boyz !

Leellamarz ambition musik !! Ambition Musik announce new artist today, is none other than Wayside town crew Leellamarz !!
Leellamarz AmbitioN musik

Leellamarz known the most for his stint on SMTM 5 where he challenge Superbee on one of the most intense scene in SMTM history. He’s more than that though, Leellamarz is probably the most productive artist in Korea music scene . Since 2018 Leellamarz have release & featured in more than 90 songs. Productive is an understatement


Ambition Musik artist

  • Ash Island
  • Kim Hyoeun
  • Changmo
  • Hash Swan
  • Way ched

Leellamarz already have tracks with each member of Ambition Musik. 3 of them (Kim Hyoeun, hash Swan & ash Island) even a member of the same crew Wayside town ! Leellamarz also one of The Quiett favorite artist, in an interview The Quiett said that Leellamarz is one of the most promising artist from 2018.



Leellamarz SMTM 5 stint

Only make a brief appearance in the show, Leellamarz make a lot of impact by challenge Superbee to a battle. They were a good friends now, even have a track together !


Wayside town crew member

Lellamarz Ambition Musik

  • Leellamarz
  • Midas P
  • Yourbeagle
  • Jayci Yucca
  • Ash Island
  • hash swan
  • Kim Hyoeun
  • Violinist Imno Yang
  • urbanf!sher
  • 1day
  • Pgloo
  • TOIL
  • Skinnybrown
  • Kooky

Each member of the crew have been rising in recent years. Their member Skinny Brown & Jayci Yucca also plan to join SMTM 8 this year ! Will 2019 be Wayside town year ??

Make sure to follow Leellamarz Ambition musik Wayside town on Instagram @Leellamarz ; @ambition_musik ; @Wayside.official



What do you think of Leellamarz AmbitioN Musik ?? Do you think he suits the agency music style ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!