Sokodomo Sony Music Korea | New Family

Sokodomo Sony Music Korea. Today we got a news that Sokodomo got a new family, it’s not AOMG like predicted, instead he join producer Boycold in Sony Music !

Sokodomo Sony Music

Many were thought Sokodomo gonna join H1GHRMUSIC / AOMG, consider how he join team Groovyroom in School rapper 3 & hang out often in AOMG office in the past few months. The news today confirm that the rapper from Eumcha1ld crew gonna join Sony Music, a home for singer Kevin Oh & producer Boycold. We can’t wait for Sokodomo & Boycold collabora, oh wait we already have their collaboration !


Sokodomo ‘freedumb’ feat Haon prod by Boycold

First collaboration between Sokodomo & producer Boycold is when they work together in School rapper 3 Semifinal for the track ‘Freedumb’ with Kim haon. This track bring Sokodomo to School rapper 3 final. Sokodomo also join in Boycold ‘Post:Youth’ EP by featuring in one of the track.


Rumored to join AOMG

Before the news comes out, lots of people expect Sokodomo gonna be the next artist to join AOMG. Beside spotted hanging out in AOMG office, it’s not a secret that Sokodomo is a big fan of Loco & GRAY. He even joined the show ‘300’ where he becomes one of the fan of CoRay last year on 2018.



Album preparation

Sokodomo currently prepare to release an album under Sony Music Korea. We can’t wait to see more of Sokodomo music after we got a glimpse of his talent on School rapper 3. Sokodomo drop that fuego !


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