My Absolute Boyfriend OST | By Eunha of GFriend & Kisum

SBS Drama My Absolute boyfriend OST part 3 feature Eunha of GFriend & Kisum .  Have you watch the drama yet ???My Absolute Boyfriend OST

My Absolute Boyfriend is the title of SBS drama that air since 15th of May 2019. Starring Yeo Jin goo, Bang Minah, Hong Jonghyun and many more, the drama was based of japanese manga ‘Zettai Kareshi’. The drama already goes halfway (20th episode) make sure to watch it now if you doesnt want to get spoiler !


Eunha of Gfriend & Kisum ‘Mr Stranger’ for My Absolute Boyfriend OST

Eunha of Gfriend & rapper Kisum is feature for the 3rd OST of the Drama. Not a hard choice because both of them is experienced for Drama OST. This is Kisum 5th participation in Drama OST while this track gonna be Eunha 7th participation for Drama soundtracks. The track is produced by NUPLAY who already produce track for DAY6, APRIL & Yesung.



Eunha of GFRIEND & Yoonddaddan for JTBC ‘The Package‘ Drama OST



Kisum & Seulong for KBS Drama ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ OST

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