Sway Dragon | New EP from the Supergreathurricane

Sway Dragon !! SMTM 777 contestant Sway D is back with a new EP. It’s been 8 months since the last single ‘Urrrpang‘ that feature fellow SMTM 777 contestant Lee Dongmin & Reddy.

Sway Dragon

2018 have been busy year for Hilite records rapper Sway D, joining  2 music competition  : Show Me The Money 777 & MBC ‘God of Creation’. Learn a lot from the competition, Sway D now release Sway Dragon EP, a new adventure about the supergreathurricane , Syuung !! Urrrrpppang !!


Sway D Sway Dragon tracklist

  • Shhh
  • Superfast feat EK
  • Dragon rider
  • Never look back feat Zene The Zilla
  • In The club feat Don Mills
  • Ball out feat Futuristic Swaver & Swervy
  • Money Cane feat Bassagong

Sway D ‘Money Cane’ feat Bassagong

Bassagong of Legit goons featured in Sway Dragon EP title track ‘Money Cane’. The track were produced by himself, Producer Sway D. Not many knows about Sway D as a producer, but he’s already made lots of track (especially for fellow HI-Lite) &  prove himself in MBC ‘God of Creation’ (a competition about talented producer & Beatmaker). Can’t wait for more track produced by Sway D in the future !



“Slacker stay, i run with Sway D mobile“. Sway D gonna keep moving just like the lyrics in Money cane. This year (2019) Sway D also plan to join SMTM 8, watch out this year for the supergreathurricane, he gonna come to MNET building to make everyone forget about last year.

Sway D SMTM 8 online audition

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What do you think of Sway D new EP Sway Dragon ?? Which track is your favorite ?? let us know in the comment section below !!