Young Kay Pluma DJ Soda DJ Kaku | Icy

Young Kay Pluma DJ Soda DJ Kaku collaboration ! School rapper 3 contestant got a chance to collaborate with worldwide known DJ

Young Kay Pluma

Icy !! A new track by Young Kay Pluma DJ soda & DJ kaku. Fellow team member Code Kunst & The Quiett on School rapper 3, Young Kay & Pluma actually never had a chance to collaborate together because pluma were eliminated early. Now we got the dream HSR 3 collaboration with music from DJ Soda & DJ Kaku !!


Young Kay Pluma DJ Soda DJ Kaku ‘Icy’

This track were performed by all of them at Ultra Korea, one of the biggest EDM festival in South korea this year 2019. There’s been more DJ recently that also works as producer & make their own tracks, which means theres more chance for rapper & singer to get in the spotlight !! Especially this time with DJ Soda that have more than 3 million followers.



Pluma also audition for this year SMTM 8. Can’t wait to see him in the summer and compete against fellow rookie & seasoned veteran rapper. Show them what you got !

Pluma SMTM 8 online audition


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