Urban Zakapa Beenzino Seoul Night | Lets continue

Beenzino discharge is one of the best thing that happen on 2018. Not only Beenzino new song, we also got new Urban zakapa Beenzino colabboration  after he discharge from the military

Urban Zakapa Beenzino

Urban zakapa is one of the strongest Digimon (Digital monster) in South Korea music industry. Each song that they release is guarantee to goes high in South Korea Music charts. Add Beenzino to the mix and once again another hit song is born. Just like ‘Thursday Night’ that was release 2 years ago , ‘Seoul Night’ also top South Korea music charts.


Urban Zakapa Seoul Night feat Beenzino

Seoul night is a track that express Seoul city night. A night in Seoul city could be beautiful or cold, depends on what you experience in the day. Beenzino have many parts in ‘Seoul Night’,  starts & ends the track while also have his own rap verse. TMI : This year (2019) marks Urban Zakapa 10 years anniversary, they come a long way since the day as ‘Indie’ musician to become a powerhouse in South korea music industry.


Urban Zakapa track with Beenzino ‘Thursday Night’



Bonus : Urban Zakapa ‘My Love’

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