Huckleberry P Grando Season Single Album

Huckleberry P Grando Season single album. Hi-lite records rapper & Freestyle master Huckleberry P Is back with a new single album with 3 tracks inside all produced by Yosi

Huckleberry P Grando Season

One of the veteran from the Industry, Huckleberry P debut back on 2009, since then he known for both his rap ability & freestyle ability, the latter part land him a job as Mic Swagger 2 MC where he freestyling in sync with the guest. TMI : Huckleberry P stage name is inspired by Mark Twain  character Huckleberry Finn.


Huckleberry P Grando Season tracklist

Huckleberry P EGR Feat Giriboy audio

“G R no no no Sorry” . You can imagine how fun the recording is just by listen to how the track starts, the track is produced by Hi-lite records producer Yosi but Huckleberry P is playing around by adding Giriboy signature sound at the beginning. Another fun part in the track is the end of the track on 3:06 when Huckleberry P add some adlib verse before the track ends.



Huckleberry P also decide to make remix version of the track ‘DNA’. Originally were feature his fellow 84 liner friends Simon Dominic & Deepflow, DNA were remake with a youth version feature Haon, ROHANN , Jowonu & Lee Youngji.

Huckleberry P DNA Youth Remix feat Haon, ROHANN , Jowonu & Lee Youngji. 

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