Untell Khundi Panda HardRally | Untell 1st single

Untell Khundi Panda Collaboration !! Hardrally also gonna be School rapper 3 contestant untell official debut track .

Untell Khundi Panda

Untell was in the spotlight of School rapper 3 last year albeit for other reason. Many HSR 3 live viewers said that Untell got evil edited by MNET because he’s eliminated instead of Sokodomo that make mistake (on air). Khundi Panda from Juiceoveralcohol also have some experience where the spotlight of him on SMTM is because his diss against MC meta.  Now both of them is back with Hardrally !


Untell Khundi Panda HardRally

Two great rap technician in one song ! Hardrally is produced by Young Wii which already produce track in the past for Mckdaddy & Siggie Feb among many others.  Different than usual collaboration, the two of them didnt wait for other to finish before start their verse, instead keep rapping fire as reply to each other verse. There’s no time to take a breather.



Untell is planning to join SMTM 8 this year. Good thing he’s not holding any grudges towards mnet because of past events so we can see him again on TV This summer !!

Untell SMTM 8 audition


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