Jiwoo Wavy new artist | Also known as Hayake

Jiwoo Wavy new artist !! After the teaser comes out few days ago, we finally got the answer !! Lets get to know more about Wavy family new artist.

Jiwoo Wavy

Last year Colde decide to start Wavy, a new artists groups after HIGHGRND ceased to function as an agency anymore, Colde is the only artist in Wavy, until now. Jiwoo now gonna be the 2nd artist in Wavy, their SNS Post state that Jiwoo is a singer songwriter with alternative genre. If you not familiar yet with the name Jiwoo, you probably more familiar with his other name : Hayake.



Jiwoo is a singer songwriter, he havent officially debut yet but he already release lots of songs & song cover on his soundcloud. The only official track of Jiwoo is when he cover Giriboy ‘Let’s drink’ in GiriboyThank you’ EP . He use Jiwoo foir his name as a singer.

Jiwoo cover Rad Museum ‘Dancing in the Rain’




Hayake of WYBH !! DJ, producer & Rapper Hayake is a member of WYBH (well Technically Jiwoo also). Why he use different name though ?? Actually this is not the first case in KHH/KRNB industry, there’s been several artist that use different stage name even though they’re same person. TMI : Jiwoo & hayake have a separate IG & Souncloud Account

such as :



Make sure to follow Jiwoo Wavy on Instagram : @Maisonjiwoo ; @Wavyseoul . Can’t wait for Jiwoo x Colde collaboration !!



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