Futuristic Swaver F is Friends Album | What is F to you ??

Futuristic Swaver F is friends Album. F means friend for rapper Futuristic Swaver that been really active in the hip hop scene. What does F mean to you ??

Futuristic Swaver F is friends

Futuristic swaver oficially debut on 2014. Guess hwo many tracks that Futuristic Swaver release since ?? If your answer 200 you’re right ! Futuristic Swaver already release more than 200 track include featurings. What’s more amazing is that number is just him as the rapper futuristic swaver, as producer Laptopboyboy he already produce more than 60 tracks for others.


Futuristic Swaver F is friends album tracklist

  • Its not fair
  • Friend
  • U Cannot feat The Quiett
  • Rude feat Flavordash & kash Bang
  • Stuntin
  • Remy feat Dbo
  • Dripped
  • My Ex
  • Leave Me
  • Talk

Futuristic Swaver ‘Friends’

This track is made by producer Wavypang. Futuristic Swaver usually make his own track (Produced by Laptopboyboy) but this time its Wavypang turn to make an electronic trap beat that really suit futuristic swaver style.



As a producer Laptopboyboy, Futuristic swaver have made tracks for The Quiett, Jvcki wai, Dbo, Bigone & many others. If you heard the signature sound in the beggining ‘Laptopboyboy’ ~ you know its gonna be lit !

Bigone ‘Wavywavywavy’ prod by Laptopboyboy

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