Jay Park road less traveled | Long awaited album

Jay Park road less traveled album. Jay looks back on the road that he been walking through, it’s not an easy journey, that’s one thing for sure.

Jay Park Road Less traveled

Last year on 2018, Jay Park announce that he gonna release a new album with 17 track inside, first we kinda doubtful because Jay Park were really busy recently, he’s a CEO of 2 agency AOMG & H1GHRMUSIC, regularly attend concerts back and forth from Seattle & Seoul, while recently shoot a documentary ‘Jay Park : Chosen one’ that air on Youtube originals.


Jay Park Road Less traveled album tracklist

  • What up feat Don flamingo prod by GRAY¬†
  • Get it all feat Cha Cha Malone
  • Twillight feat Woo Wonjae & Jarv Dee prod by ChaCha Malone
  • Twisted Dreams feat Jay eletronica, Joe Flizzow & DJ Wegun Prod by GRAY
  • WDFA feat Masiwei, DZknow & Avatar Darko prod by Groovyroom
  • Doin me feat Avatar Darko & Dolce Darko prod by BOYCOLD
  • Plottin feat Ill Crish prod by Boycold
  • Stutter feat Ted Park Prod by Groovyroom
  • Fengshui prod by Chacha Malone
  • Ben Baller feat Uneducated Kid, Ghoulavelli & BRADYSTREET prod by Boycold
  • Step Son feat Nacho Picasso prod by Juniorchef & Groovyroom
  • Monster feat Raz Simone prod by Charlie Heat
  • Sun Comes¬†up feat Fatal Lucianno & Malitia malimob prod by GRAY
  • GRAYGROUND CYPHER feat King Leez, Anthony Danza, Kim Hyoeun, Ph-1, CHaboom, GEO & DJ Wegun
  • Legacy feat Gifted Gab & Shelby prod by GRAY
  • For ourselves feat Chloe Devita prod by Mokyo
  • Undefeated feat Flavr blue prod by GRAY

17 tracks with 29 artist featuring and numerous producer. Road Less traveled is Jay Park album with his friends both from U.S & South korea. The Road Less traveled also could be Jay park last milestone because he said many times in SNS that he plan to retire from the industry soon.

Grayground Cypher feat pH-1, Kim Hyoeun, Chaboom & DJ Wegun

GRAYGROUND is the studio of AOMG artist GRAY with DAX, Dingo freestyle version only cover korean rapper featurings, but actually the track have more artist : King Leez, Anthony Danza, & GEO. Make sure to listen the full track on streaming sites !! We also hope that they can make a remix version with numerous artist contributing just like ‘119 Remix’



Not only dropping the album, Jay Park also release 2 Music video for this album : Feng Shui & Ben Baller . There’s also listening session event that were attended by journalist & music critics (invite us next time Jay!).

Jay Park ‘Feng Shui’ prod by Cha Cha Malone MV

Jay Park also plan to have a World tour titled SEXY4Eva ! So far it’s only North America, Europe & asia (so far only Japan & taipei confirmed) that were scheduled to be visited by Jay Park.



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