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Jay Moon Fame Records !! Former SMTM 6 contestant Jay Moon is joining Fame Records agency, more of young ones join the family ~

Jay Moon FAME Records

Jay Moon is one of the ‘veteran’ of Hip hop industry even though he’s only 23 years old. Debut on 2012, the 95 liner already have a lengthy career with 75 tracks that include featuring’s, Jay moon also already experience multiple agency before now joining F.A.M.E Records, was a part of Vasco (Or now known as BIll Stax) independent records & Prima Music Group.  TMI : Jay Moon also join SMTM 6, did you spot him in the show ??



F.A.M.E Records artist

  • Dex
  • Luda / Sureen
  • Bully da bastard
  • Dolo
  • Chillin ovatime
  • Zol P
  • Agunu
  • Feless

Jay Moon is a close friends of a lot of F.A.M.E Records artist. Especially school rapper contestant Yoon Byungho / Bully da bastard which Jay Moon just recently collaborate for ‘The Teachers’ EP.

Jay Moon x Bully da bastard ‘주고 받기 ‘



Jay Moon & NO:EL on Mic Swagger 3

Jay Moon was also an artist of now disbanded Prima Music Group alongside Kyuyoung, NO:EL , X.Q & Quaimo. The company was on the rise back in 2017, it’s only become a memories now because the artist already sign with other company and start their new career elsewhere.


Jay Moon ‘Poe Poe‘ feat Kid Milli

Not only a rapper, Jay moon said in F.A.M.E records Instagram page introduction that he want to explore more type of music just like his role model Yoo Heeyeol & Yoo Jaeha sunbaenim. He’s currently prepare to release a full solo album t hat gonna be release in the near future, Jay Moon fighting !



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