Giriboy Heize Traffic Control | for upcoming 6th Album

Giriboy Heize collaboration !! Traffic control is actually just a pre release track from Giriboy upcoming 6th album, yet it get so many love from everyone ~

Giriboy Heize

There’s been no lack of content regarding Giriboy recently: concert fancams, news about him become SMTM 8 producer, new Dingo freestyle content, goes high in music charts, announce new album, feature using snapchat baby filter and so on. 2018 have been busy for Giriboy, but 2019 is gonna be a new level of busy for the artist from Just Music.


Giriboy Heize Traffic Control Live clip

Even without any Music video, live performance, special clip or any other promotional activities, Giriboy Heize collaboration Traffic control still love by everyone. The prove is that the track reach as high as 2nd in Melon while also goes high in other music charts.Traffic control is a sad song about post breakup, both of them still have feelings yet they know it’s already become a red light.


Giriboy Hook in ‘Traffic control’

“This street is where we used to walk together
If we met each other, please just pretend that you dont know me
This street is where we used to walk together
I hope we doesnt met each other, please there’s be traffic control”



Giriboy ‘Traffic Control’ feat Heize charting in Melon chart

Giriboy Heize


Not only popular to listen, the track ‘Traffic Control‘ is also one of the most popular song to cover recently. Here’s my personal favorite by Riwon of Monogram covering ‘Traffic Control’ Acoustic version.

RIwon of Monogram acoustic cover ‘Traffic Control’

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