June Today album | Feelings of the day

June today album. June of Planetarium records release new album that tell different story about how he feels during the day. There’s 10 track inside that feature June friends.

June today

June release on June. Officially debut last year, June have been making lots of noise with Planetarium records. Beside release songs such as Serenade & Autumn leaves, June also did a europe tour with fellow PLT artist. Now, June have a new album that tell June story about different feelings from the day starts until it ends.


June Today Tracklist

  • 6 Am
  • Good Morning feat Villain
  • Welcome Home
  • For
  • Waltz feat Gaho
  • Letter feat Moti & Jung Jinwoo
  • Heaven
  • 12 AM
  • The Way you feel inside

Each track in this album have their own story. From warmth, happiness, grateful, loneliness, dreams and more. All of the track inside today album were also self composed & written by June.

June ‘Tonight’ MV

The Music is fun right ?? June actually implement a Jackswing genre that was popular back in 80’s & 90’s, but with June Touch, the song doesnt feel olds / out of time, instead it feels fresh ~. Tonight was a track where June feel lonely and doesnt want to left alone. Just like the lyrics “Tonight i dont want to be alone at bar,cafe or home, don’t leave me along in my room”,



My personal favorite track from June today album is actually ‘For’ . For who this track were made ?? It’s actually for everyone who been helping & Supporting June, a song to express June gratitude with a english lyric, it’s also for you ~.

June ‘For’

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