SMTM 8 Producer Lineup | 2 teams Head to head

SMTM 8 Producer lineup !! This Season will be totally different from last year, a change to compete against other hip hop programs in 2019.

SMTM 8 producer

SMTM 8 have major changes this year. Different from previous season, there will be only 2 teams that compete against each other from start to finish. MNET official said this change were made to make the show more tense & competitive, do you think it will be successful ? Or do you still prefer the ‘Classic’ 4 teams format ??


SMTM 8 Producer 1st team :  Swings x Kid Milli x Mad Clown x Boycold

SMTM 8 Producer


Swings :

CEO oF IMJMWDP (Indigo Music, Just Music & Wedaplugg records). Not only busy as CEO & musician, Swings is diving into other business opportunities as Gym owner, restaurant owner, Youtuber & TV Personalities by appear on Olive TV ‘One pick road’.

  • SMTM 2 contestant
  • SMTM 3 & 777 producer
  • School rapper 1 mentor
  • IG : @Itsjustswings


Kid Milli : After prove his worth by become SMTM 777 finalist, Kid Milli was chosen to become School rapper 3 mentor alongside Giriboy. Despite busy tv appearance, still busy perform in concerts & making music.


Mad Clown : Is he mommy Son ?? I guess we wont get the answer this season because Mad Clown gonna back as SMTM producer this year. One of the most fun TV personalities, often appear in tv programs, now become a main cast of Old House rapper

  • SMTM 2 contestant
  • SMTM 5 Producer
  • School rapper 1 mentor
  • Neuron Music ; beautiful noise
  • IG : @Anythinggoes85 (still suspended)


Boycold : HEY BOY ITS COLD !! One of the most popular tagline in South Korea music Industry. Producer Boycold of Yelowsmob crew already made numerous great track for Sik-k, Coogie, Vinxen and also just release his own EP ‘Post YOUTH’



SMTM 8 producer 2nd Team :  Giriboy x Verbal Jint x Millic x Bewhy

SMTM 8 producer

Giriboy : GR BOY ! How GIriboy made time between making music, TV appearance, concert performance, and taking care of dolddollie will forever be mystery. Since 2018 Giriboy release, feature & produce  in more than 65 tracks. Yet, he still come again this year on SMTM 8

  • Just Music
  • WYBH
  • SMTM 3 Contestant
  • SMTM 777 producer
  • School rapper 1 & 3 Mentor
  • IG @Giriboy91


Verbal Jint : The most veteran rapper among SMTM 8 producers. Verbal Jint debut way back on 1999. This is gonna be first appearance of Verbal Jint since DUI incident back in 2016.


Bewhy : Supposed to be the producer for SMTM 777 last year alongside GRAY before cancelled on the last minute. Bewhy is a pro at survival competition, winning one (SMTM 5) and become the top 2 in others (MBC Kill Bill)


Millic : Talented DJ & Producer from Fanxychild crew that consist : Penomeco, Crush, ZIco, Dean & Staytuned. This is gonna be Millic first appearance on SMTM alongside Boycold. With fun personality & talented beat making, it’s not gonna be a surprise if Millic become the scenestealer of SMTM  this year, just like how Code kunst last year.


This is the lineup of SMTM 8 producer. There still no information yet about new show rules, format & contestant. As far as we know it gonna air in summer (probably after Produce x 101). Check out SMTM 8 online audition for possible contestant this year



Are you Hype for this season SMTM 8 producer ??? Let us know in the coment section below !!

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