Royal Dynamiszone 2 | Debut EP from Royal

Royal Dynamiszone 2 EP. Who is Royal ?? He’s not a king yet but a close friend of underground rockstar Changmo. Check out his debut EP !!

Royal Dynamiszone

First things first,  why the name Royal ?? When he was thinking about a stage name, he were wearing a suit and it synchronize well with his dreams to be successful so Royal seems appropriate as a stage name. So far royal  have been exploring his own genre of music, starting from trap mixtape, now exploring more R&B & singrap into his own repertoire.

Royal Dynamiszone 2 EP tracklist

  • Lie
  • Icey
  • Racks & lex feat Changmo
  • Eastar
  • Bless


Royal ‘Racks & Lex‘ feat Changmo

Title track of Royal Dynamiszone 2 EP feature best friend Changmo.  Racks & lex is produced by producer cashbanger who also produce the first mixtape ‘Dynamiszone’. Not only release the EP, Royal also held a launching event few days ago ! Dynamiszone friends such as Jeebanoff, Changmo & Deepshower also attend the event.


If you’re into Trap music, check out Royal debut track ‘Star’

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Listen & purchase to Royal Dynamiszone 2 EP on Spotify, Melon, Genie & Bugs


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