Jooyoung Lost | A song for everyone separated with loved ones

Jooyoung lost. New single from Straship X artist Jooyoung for everyone who separated with love ones, Lost is a genuine, honest and aesthetic track from Jooyoung.

Jooyoung Lost

It’s been a while ~ . Jooyoung latest track was N/A on September 2018, since then Jooyoung have been features in Heize & Thama album. Not only featuring, Jooyoung also recently become a cast of TV Show ‘Genie Stage’ alongside best friend pH-1. TMI : Jooyoung, Kwak Jin eon, Mokyo & pH-1 is a really close friends, often make music together/


Jooyoung Lost MV

“Now you’re gone and i am lost” . Jooyoung lost is not the usual sweet R&B track that we often hear from Jooyoung, This is a change that was coming since MNET ‘Breakers’ appearance and perform songs like ‘Where we are’ & ‘Fill The void’, songs with lyrics that really resonate with everyone. TMI : In his Instagram post, Jooyoung also want everyone that hear ‘Lost’ be consoled of their troubles.



Jooyoung ‘First’ feat Baek A Yeon in MNET ‘Breakers”

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Featured image : @choix2