Cloudy beats 4 AM EP | First EP from the producer

Cloudy Beats 4 AM EP . Producer cloudy beats release his 1st EP with his own music color. 8 tracks feature 8 talented artist. TMI: The art for this EP were made by Raudi

Cloudy Beats 4 AM

Cloudy beats already make tracks since 2015, artist such as Nafla, Coogie, Chillin Ovatime, Basick & Illinit have been getting great tracks from Cloudy beats. Recently, producers have the leisure to not only produce for others but produce track under their own name, Boycold & HD4black have been release their own respective album. We hope the trends continue so we can learn more about each & every producer own music color !


Cloudy beats 4 AM EP tracklist

  • 4 AM feat Basick
  • FYB feat Coogie
  • Go Hard feat Mckdaddy & Chillin Homie
  • Backward for me feat Don Malik
  • House / Keepin feat Justhis
  • No Reason feat Illinit
  • Heath Ledger feat Bully da bastard


House/ Keepin feat Justhis

This is Justhis, what else to said.  House / Keepin is the ttile track of Cloudybeats 4 AM EP, feature Justhis from Just music who have been really active featuring & participating in cyphers recently. There’s actually 2 beats in this track, which is why the track have 2 title aswell. Which beat do you prefer ?? First one or Second one ??



One of the track that Cloudy beats made for NaflaDime

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