Giant Pink Yeri of Red velvet | Tuesday is better than monday

Giant Pink yeri of red velvet collaboration !! All i know music (Giant pink company) is now under SM entertainment, which not really a bad thing consider we got a collaboration of Giant pink x Yeri !

Giant Pink yeri

Just an intro, All I know Music share was bought by SM Entertainment last year, that doesn’t make the artist a SM ent artist per se, but SM will handle promotion while leave the creative process to AIKM management. This case is also a similar case with Million market hence why both of the agency (MM & AIKM) artist songs were uploaded in SM Entertainment youtube channel


Giant Pink Yeri of Red velvet ‘Tuesday is better than Monday‘ MV

Tuesday is better than monday, any day is better than monday. If i could pick a day to skip meeting with someone i love it would be on monday, i just doesnt want to show my tired self full of mood swings on that day. The MV of ‘Tuesday is better than monday’ feature Giant Pink friends, most notably K Jun who become a scenestealer.



Giant Pink have been busy recently, not only release songs such as ‘Mirror mirror’, Giant pink were also perform on music programs such as music bank, show champion, and also become a cast of Old House rapper. 

Giant Pink ‘I Dont Think i love you’ feat Kassy

Make sure to follow Giant pink on Instagram : @Giantpink & @Alliknowmusic . Can’t wait for more music from Giant pink on 2019 !



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