Crucial Star Kim Jinkyung | Prepare New Music

Crucial Star Kim Jinkyung dating news become a hot topic yesterday. But the headline is just a clickbait because we gonna talk more about Crucial star music !!

Crucial Star kim Jinkyung

Esteem entertainment confirm that rapper Crucial Star and model Kim Jinnkyung has been dating for a year, congratulation !! It’s been 4 years since Crucial star infamous dating news & breakup with Heize yet we still talk about it whenever we listen to Heize ‘Star’ or Crucial star ‘Starry night’ . Both is good songs but time to put that topic away because two of them already moving on ~


Crucial star comeback !!

Crucial Star Kim Jinkyung

Crucial star post in his SNS that he’s gonna be back with new music soon. Crucial star plan to release new single next month on June while also post on his SNS that love & relationship (with Kim Jinkyung) play a great role for his album ‘Maze Garden‘. Different than South Korea general public prejudice about dating being a ‘scandal’ & ruin artist career, lot of khh/krnb artist is inspired by relationship to make good music ~


Heize ‘Star’

Not to be that guy and bring back memories, but the story of Crucial star Heize relationship & breakup inspired both of them (especially heize) to rise into stardom. It’s all in the past because in an interview with Heize said that she’s already moving on and gonna make more cheerful music in the future !!



Crucial star ‘Starry Night’

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We wish Crucial Star Kim Jinkyung all the best wishes in the world. Can’t wait for new music from Crucial star !!


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