Bradystreet Moonlight EP | Being active is understatement

Bradystreet moonlight EP marks his 68th songs in 8 months. Not even producer like Groovyroom, Giriboy or GRAY have that much tracks in the same time span.

Bradystreet Moonlight

Bradystreet officially debut on august 2018 yet he have more songs, featurings & albums than most of the artist in South Korea that debut years before Bradystreet even debut. We also already made article about Bradystreet latest album HE6RT TE6RS which have 17 tracks, active is understatement.


Bradystreet Moonlight EP tracklist

  • Late night
  • No!
  • Clues
  • Marianas
  • Sonic
  • Alone
  • Pastelle feat Hash Swan


Bradystreet Pastelle feat Hash Swan

A chill song from Bradystreet feature Hash Swan from Ambition Musik. ‘Pastelle’e is A slow tempo R&B beat that starts with piano verse, the lyrics is about someone who doesnt want to be alone at night and want to spend time together, just a selfish request for tonight.In previous article i was saying that Bradystreet really suit a hype trap song style but i need to rescind my own words because Bradystreet is not a one trick pony with this track, maybe rap a boombap beat next ??



If you’re not into chill R&B song, here’s a more upbeat song from Bradystreet ‘Ice’ feature Jvckiwai !! There’s many style of Bradystreet music so make sure to check this EP and previous albums ~

Bradystreet ‘Ice’ feat Jvckiwai

Make sure to follow Bradystreet on Instagram : IG : @Ilovebradystreet . Consider how active he have been, i dont think it gonna takes long for us to make a new article about him !



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