GIST Child EP | Keep making music after HSR 3 ended

GIST Child EP. After eliminated early on School rapper 3, Yoon Hyeonseon keep making music. It’s a new EP with 4 tracks that share a story about 19 years old GIST.GIST Child

School rapper 3 contestant Gist is back !! Usually, after the show ended, School rapper contestant busy with post concert, prepare for SMTM, signing contracts with new agency, or going back to school. But, GIST didnt waste much time and keep making music even after the show ended.

GIST Child EP tracklist 

  • For Me
  • Don’t have to know
  • Spring
  • star feat SpAace

GIST ‘For Me’ audio

GIST is still a child (19 years old korean age) but he have lots of feelings and thought that he felt.This track is really meaningful for GIST, he even cries when he made the lyrics of the track, This is the snippet of GIST ‘For Me’ lyrics “I don’t want to change. I don’t want to grow up.
I just want to ignore all the complicated stuff and smile”¬†



Recently, GIST appear on Arirang SoundK Radio with fellow School rapper 3 contestant Young kay. In the episode GIST talk about one of his dreams : to appear on Yoo heeyeol Sketchbook one day. Also talk about artist he want to collaborate with : Vinxen, Code Kunst & Billie elish

GIST & Young Kay on Arirang soundK radio

Make sure to follow GIST on Instagram : @G_ist1 . Beside keep making music GIST also now often perform in events & concerts, usually with fellow School rapper 3 contestant.



Listen & purchase to GIST Child EP on Apple Music, Melon, Genie & BUgs


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