Youra B side EP } Continue after The Fan

Youra B Side EP. After eliminated on SBS The fan, Youra didn’t stop music activities, instead continue with B side EP with 4 tracks inside !!

Youra B side

Youra have that unique voice, when i first heard it i thought its Lim Kim but after listening to lots of youra track, i found out that Youra voice color is totally unique & different from others.Debut on 2018 with a collaboration tarck with 015b, Youra been active on music scene & also appear on SBS Survival show The Fan.


Youra B Side tracklist

  • Flicker feat Carthegarden
  • Dance
  • Laundry
  • Kung

Youra ‘Flicker’ feat Carthegarden Live clip

The title track of Youra New EP is actually not new at all. Flicker was a track that was recorded way back before Youra even officially debut, Carthegarden visit Youra studio back then and record the sample on the spot. Oh, Both of them is also the contestant of SBS Survival show about talented unknown/rookie artist SBS ‘The Fan’. 



Not only release this EP, Youra also perform on School Rapper 3 final !! Youra featured in a track with School rapper 3 contestant Aquinas ‘Popcorn‘ which also feature Penomeco.

Aquinas ‘Pop Corn’ feat Youra & Penomeco

Make sure to follow Youra on Instagram :@you.ra . can’t wait for more music from Youra !



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