Killagramz Let It Rain | Continue music activities

Killagramz let it rain !! Known more recently as his stint as an entertainer, Killagramz is back with new track Let it rain i!!

Killagramz Let it Rain

Killagramz is having a successful career as an entertainer recently. Become the main cast of Olive TV Old House rapper & radio DJ of TBS All things Kpop radio among many other guest appearance on multiple TV programs. As a musician, Killagramz last music release was on November 2018 with Lonely single album.


Killagramz let it rain

Let it rain produced by Stupid squad who also been producing tracks for Idol group GWSN. Killagramz is back with energetic trap genre track after a a gloomy track ‘Lonely’ in winter. I really love Killagramz normal voice which already unique at its own, but the hook with autotune seems a little bit forced this time around and not as smooth as past release Lonely & ‘Ice Box’ which my only critics for let it rain.



Killagramz freestyle on Yoo  heeyeol sketchbook

Make sure to follow Killagramz on Instagram :@Killagramz3xl. Can’t wait to see more activities from Killa on 2019 !!


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