FR:EDEN OF Course #1 EP | Full course of FR:EDEN palate

FR:EDEN Of Course #1 EP. Just like a full course meal, FR:EDEN latest EP start from appetizer, Main course until dessert ~

FR:EDEN Of Course:E

The last time i wrote about FR:EDEN was last year on December 2018 when he release bin of frieden EP. Since then, he’s been busy featuring & participating in multiple artist tracks, including Sinstealer, Nathaniaa, SoolJ among many others. Oh and of course my personal favorite featured in GR8vattic collaboration track ‘Alright’


FR:EDEN Of Course #1 EP Tracklist

  • Roxy (Warm Appetizer)
  • BGM  (Potage)
  • SRT (Bread)
  • Would You love me ? (Sherbet)
  • Downtown (meats)
  • 8 line boy (salad)
  • SKIP (Dessert) (Pre release)

All track inside FR:EDEN Of Course #1 EP is produced by OPO. And as i said in the title, it’s a full course of FR:EDEN palate of music. Yup, what i bold is actually what FR:EDEN wrote in the EP description ~

FR:EDEN ‘BGM‘ prod by OPO MV

Just like a good potage, this song is light, full of taste and warm when you were in the receiving ends. A romantic song from FR:EDEN with a sweet R&B beats by OPO, the lyrics of the song also could be intended for FR:EDEN fans out there who have been listening to his songs over the years~.

Snipeet of FR:EDEN ‘BGM’ lyrics

“tomorow  & day after tomorrow
New songs keep being released 
With my songs, you start everyday so i’m happy
When other top the charts, you said it was not that good
But you like my songs, so im happy”



TMI: FR:EDEN song ‘Bing Bing‘ comes out when Red Velvet on KBS Battle trip

Make sure to follow FR:EDEN & Producer OPO on Instagram: @frieden__92 ; @opoismyhometown / New music can wait, for now lets enjoy FR:EDEN travel to Thailand !



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What do you think of FR:EDEN Of Course #1 EP ?? Make sure to listen to all the tracks because it’s a full course meal from him ~