SMTM 8 audition online | Not full contestant list yet

SMTM 8 audition. Check out contesstant that apply for SMTM 8 this year. There’s talented idol rapper, first timer & Former SMTM/HSR Contestant that gonna try their luck !!

SMTM 8 audition

Different from early Season, Show Me The Money 8 doesnt have the numerous 1st round audition with tens of thousand contestant doing acapella anymore. One of the reason is because there’s too many aspiring rapper who want to join SMTM & it exhaust the producers that need to judge thousand of contestant one by one.


Former SMTM Contestant


Woodie Gochild

Zene the zilla ( Audition Video above with Woodie Gochild)


Slick o’domar



  • SMTM 6 Contestant
  • Also work as teacher now
  • IG : @Tyyynno



Rick Bridges

Heavy Ray


Poy Muzeum



Boo Hyunseok






Note : Not all the contestant auditioning is guarantee to appear on SMTM 8. 
Contestant can also send their audition privately without anyone knowing (8/12 of SMTM 777 top 12 send their audition privately)



There still gonna be more Former SMTM Contestant that apply on this year SMTM 8 audition. Check out on the NEXT PAGE