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Lil Tachi wedaplugg records. Lil Tachi from team Kid Milli & Giriboy join Wedaplugg records, welcome to IMJMWDP Family !!

Lil Tachi Wedaplugg

Lil tachi have been making lot of noise since last year. On SMTM 777, Lil tachi was in one group with Coogie & Zenethezilla and arguably have the best team performance in the 3rd round. Jump few months, on early 2019 Lil Tachi join again as School rapper 3 contestant & reach as far as the Semi final !! Now, the rapper from Taljoo Ninja clan have a new family, Wedaplugg Records


Swings Instagram story that Welcome Lil Tachi Wedaplugg records


Wedaplugg  establish few years ago, last year Giriboy & Swings join and relaunch the records, incorporating them to IMJM family (indigo Music Just Music). Original member Lil Cherry & Jito Mo is not a part of Wedaplugg records anymore. Now Lil tachi will join the family ~

Wedaplugg Records member



Lil Tachi SMTM 777

“Coogiezillatachi don boleo ! Coogiezillatachi don boleo !” The catchy hook were the first Lil tachi appearance on television. Even though he’s eliminated in a 1 vs 1 vs 1 battle against Coogie & Zene the zilla, Tachi performance left an impression. He did a mistake by singing the hook while Zene were rapping which most likely led to his elimination on SMTM 777.


School rapper 3 Lil tachi

Lil tachi come to the show with different vibes & confidence. Acting cool & cold at the beggining but starting to warm up when pairing up with Hotchkiss / Kim Hojin. Lil tachi was eliminated in Semifinal even though he have arguably have his best performance in the show with NO:EL.



With Taljoo Ninja Clan

Lil tachi is a part of Taljoo Ninja Clan (TNC) Crew. Just few week ago, they have a join concert with Frank Musik (Pluma, Achillo & Lil reta to name a few). Fellow Taljoo Ninja Clan crew member like Boinata & Tendosama audition for SMTM 8 this year, Will Tachi join his comrade this summer ?


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