The fearless Ones | The Quiett Sik-k Beenzino Changmo Paul Blanco

The fearless ones. Just look at the lineup : The Quiett, Sik-k, Beenzino, Changmo & Produced by Paul BLanco. The lineup have all the recipe to be the Collaboration of 2019.

The Fearless ones

The Quiett is SMTM 777 producer & School rapper 3 mentor. Sik-k just finish a sold out world tour all over the world, Beenzino is back after serving mandatory military service, Changmo already more than prove his worth as SMTM 777 producer maknae & produced by Paul blanco who have been rising thorought 2018 – 2019.


The Fearless ones MV

The beat by Paul blanco is lit !! I love how Paul blanco decide to make 2 different beats for The Quiett, Sik-k & Beenzino, changmo which play their own strength. The Music Video were cool right ?? Fearless ones MV were directed by ARFILM who made the MV for The Quiett, Bang Yongguk, Jackson of GOt7 among many others.



My only wish is that Paul Blanco decide to make a remix version of ‘The Fearlesss ones’ just like GRAY did with 119. Especially the 1st part of the beat (The Quiett & sik-k), just imagine your favorite rapper in the Fearless ones beat.

Paul Blanco havent release the instrumental version so here’s the copy i found on youtube

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What do you think of THe Fearless ones ?? Whose verse is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!