Soyou Ovan Rain drop | It’s never easy to part ways

Soyou Ovan collaboration !! Check out the new song about parting ways in the rain from the singer of Starship & Romantic factory.

Soyou Ovan

Soyou Ovan Raindrop. We really excited when the news broke out, Soyou have so many iconic duet songs, last year there’s a track with Sik-kAll Night‘, great collaboration with Baekhyun ‘Rain’, a hit track with Junggigo ‘Some’ , & who can forget the track lean on me feature Kwon Jungyeol of 10 cm. Now, it’s time for the young artist from Romantic factory Ovan to have a duet with Soyou.


Soyou Ovan Rain drop MV

‘Rain Drop’ describes the moment when a couple that gonna part ways, it’s never easy  to let someone go, and its should be easier to let it go when rain drop so we can hide our tears, should be. The music were made by Producer Van C & Piano Man (Romantic factory artist which is a friend of Ovan & vinxen). TMI: Rain Drop also goes quite high in Korea Music charts, even goes into top 10 !


Ovan rain drop lyrics

“I Couldn’t hold on  when you say goodbye
You’ve always the best thing for me but i made you cry
I want to cover you with my umbrella
As i let you go
But in our last moment, 
i can only watch you go drenched in the rain”



Soyou x Junggigo ‘Some’ Still one of my favorite

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