Jayci Yucca EP | Yucca project full of different mood

Jayci Yucca EP !! Talented musician from Wayside town & Neokidz crew is back with a new EP titled Yucca Project. This project is not the last ~

Jayciu Yucca EP

Jayci yucca officially debut on January 2019 with a track drunk in love, yet for vivid wayside town crew fans, Jayci Yucca have been a solid contributor as soundcloud artist. In Soundcloud, Jayci yucca have been making music since 2016 and even release an EP !! Make sure to follow Jayci yucca soundcloud if you want to know the origin & more of his music @jayciyucca


Jayci Yucca Yucca Project EP tracklist

  • When The Music comes out feat 22
  • 2AM feat Owen Ovadoz
  • T.T.C feat Skinny Brown, Ash Island & Leellamarz
  • 걱정 마 feat D-Hack
  • I Miss you but i can’t meet you
  • Star natural version

Jayci Yucca EP feature musician from both of Jayci Yucca crfew Wayside town & Neokidzn also other musician such as Owen ovadoz & 22. Yucca project is a glimpse to Jayci Yucca self current state in different moods. so this project wont be over soon cause he gonna experience a lot more in the future.

Jayci Yucca when the Music comes out feat 22 MV

When the Music comes out, i fall in love. Produced by Grabby, the track is a slow yet really suit the romantic lyrics just like the MV. Now, the MV. Did you realize that you can play the MV backwards and it still serve the purpose ?? Yup ! I also didn’t notice but one of Dkhhrnb twitter admin notice it and i wow. It’s rare to see a rookie artist give this much effort to a Music video especially when they’re not sign to big company yet.


Jayci Yucca also plan to join this year SMTM 8 audition. He’s not necessarily type of fierce rapper that usually did well in the show but consider how far pH-1 & OLNL goes last year. Let’s go Jayci Yucca !

Jayci Yucca SMTM 8 audition


Make sure to follow Jayci Yucca & crew on Instagram : @jayci_yucca ; @neokidz_official ; @Wayside.official


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