Boycold Post Youth EP | Continue after youth

Boycold Post Youth EP. After release the single youth on October 2018, Producer boycold release his 1st EP titled ‘Post Youth’ Lets get to know more about the EP !!

Boycold Post Youth

“HEY BOY ITS COLD”. That’s producer Boycold signature sound and we already hear it often. Already produce more than 40 tracks, Boycold finally release his 1st EP that show his true music color. YOUTH is the keyword, Boycold want to present timeless fresh music just like where his name originated from, he want to be a ‘boy’ who never ages. He’s been working on this EP for quite some time, so let’s check it out !


Boycold Post Youth EP Tracklist

  • 5 Feat Carthegarden & The Quiett
  • Umm feat pH-1 & Sik-k
  • Stupid Twenty feat Sik-k
  • Lilac feat Leellamarz & Sokodomo
  • Youth! feat Bewhy Haon & coogie
  • Simple feat George & Moon
  • Hippie in Seoul feat Changstarr & Ja Mezz

7 tracks inside the EP with mutiple style of music. Ranging from trendy Hip-hop into bassanova type of beat. Boycold really show what he capable of with the variety style of music in Post Youth EP. I believe most of the tracks inside the EP will be timeless tracks, you can listen to it 10 years from now and it still gonna sounds good. Just like Pablo Picasso quote “Youth has no age”

Boycold 5 feat Carthegarden & The Quiett on DF LIVE

SBS The Fan winner Carthegarden & School rapper 3 mentor the Quiett participate in the track ‘5’. Boycold really show why this project take so long to complete, the title track 5 is not exactly a hip hop nor R&B beat that we used to hear. CartheGarden voice & the Quiett calm yet solid rap really suit the beat.



Like i said in the title, this EP is a continuation of the single ‘Youth’ that was release last year. Youth is one of the best track last year, feature Haon, Coogie & bewhy. Go give it a listen if you haven’t !

Boycold Youth feat Haon, Coogie & Bewhy on DF LIVE

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