OLNL Cyber Lover Album | With 10 tracks inside ~

OLNL Cyber Lover. The talented artist from Stonehsip, WYBH & Juiceoverlacohol is back with an album !! Few of the tracks inside the new album is actually pre-release a single before

OLNL Cyber Lover

OLNL Cyber Lover album is 2nd Regular album from the talented musician who can sing, rap and everything in between. First album by OLNL is titled ‘All Available’ and release back on January 2018. Since then OLNL have been making great music while busy appear on SMTM 777, he even reach semifinal in a show that should’ve been hip hop rapper domain !


OLNL Cyber Lover tracklist

  • 0 C Prod by Charming Lips
  • ASMR prod by Sec Paul
  • 0-0 feat Lym En prod by Sec Paul
  • Bluetooth feat Kid Milli prod by Sec Paul
  • Loading (skit)
  • Update feat ASMR prodĀ  by Minit
  • Ddu ddu feat EXN prod by Sec Paul
  • Awhitelie prod by Midas P
  • Typing feat K.vsh prod by Tobias Dray
  • Error prod Cosmic BOy

OLNL 0 C prod by Charming lips

Okay this is my new personal favorite track from OLNL. I’ve been staying true with ‘Foreign Student since last year but 0 C just steal my heart, ears and everything 0 C is the title track of OLNL Cyber Lover Album which produced by Charming LIpsĀ  who already produce tracks for OLNL in the past.There still more great tracks inside the album so check it out ~



OLNL Foreign Students

Make sure to follow OLNL on Instagram : @hiolnl . I dont think he gonna come again on SMTM 8 but we still gonna look forward to more OLNL in 2019 !!


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