Penomeco Movie | Let’s shoot a movie

Penomeco Movie. A new single with a interesting concept from Penomeco. Not only a new track but a completely new perspective with a short movie about movie.

Penomeco Movie

First thing first, Penomeco write this in the single description “The song is for everyone emotions even if their (Emotion) is insignificant, gonna be a part of movie scene”. Already have more than 5 years career, Penomeco keep evolving as an artist, not only as a rapper but also as a singer. Especially in the newest track’ where Penomeco gonna bless us with his vocals !


Penomeco movie prod by Woogie

WOOGIE ON AND ON ~ Penomeco Best friend, Producer Woogie of H1GHRMUSIC is helping making the latest track of the Fanxychild crew member. The MV looks good right ?? It looks & feels like a live action movie from Award winning light novels/ Shoujo manga instead of Music video. Penomeco always goes all in, whether it’s making music or making a music video. TMI : Penomeco Coco Bottle MV also nominated for LA Music video awards 2019 !!



Penomeco recently also become a guest on Yoo Heeyeol Sketchbook ep 422 where he cover ‘Tempo’ by EXO. TMI: Penomeco  is the lyricist of the song ~

Penomeco cover EXO Tempo

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