Kim Sunjae Poor Boy EP | Release on birthday ~

Kim Sunjae Poor Boy EP. Debut EP of Kim Sunjae under amoeba culture, the new artist & maknae of Amoeba is here with all new 4 tracks !

Kim Sunjae Poor boy

Happy Birthday Sunjae ah !! Kim Sunjae birthday is on 7th of May and instead of giving him a present, we got a present from the new member of Amoeba culture ~. The new EP Is the long awaited official track from Kim Sunjae who have been inactive in music industry since his appearance on School Rapper 1.


Kim Sunjae Poor boy EP Tracklist

Kim Sunjae is just 20 years old, too old to be a kid, to young to be an adult. This EP tell a story about curious Sunjae who still ask about everything and have numerous thoughts.

Kim Sunjae ‘Radio’ MV

This track is co produced by Devine Channel who currently have a project with Amoeba Culture (they already release THAMA ep aswell!). Radio is a simple, charming but a lonely track of Kim Sunjae who still wondering what to do with the one sided love in this track. Now i can’t wait for a collaboration with his sunbae such as Crush, Dynamic Duo, Hatfelt, and Rhythm power.



Kim Sunjae also recently join new crew Poisonholyc !! We can’t wait for Kim Sunjae x Poisonholyc member collaboration, wait, it’s already happen with Yella multiples times…

Sool J x Kim Sunjae ‘With U’ prod by Yella


Bonus : Producer ASSBRASS made the beat for Kim Sunjae track ‘fear’

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