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Yumdda Don Call Me . A title with pun of korea words ‘Don’ that means money. Why ?? Because Yumdda hyung just keep getting that don.

Yumdda Don Call me

If you haven’t follow Yumdda Instagram in the past few months, you missed a lot of fun. Yumdda instagram is one of the most viral entertaining account because of different types of ‘Flex’ that always so funny to watch. Debut back 2006, veteran rapper Yumdda have rejuvenate himself on 2019 with fun character personality and new music.


Yumdda Don Call Me prod by BRLLNT

Ppakeu !! Beside invent new words, Yumdda also made a collaboration track of Yumdda with Dingo Freestyle. As the title suggest, the song is mostly about Don/money. It’s fine if you’re not into rapper flexing with money & alike, you can still enjoy the great music which made by producer BRLLNT who also made the iconic ‘Indigo’.



I’m actually not really into this ‘flex’ culture & rapper gloating about money. But Yumdda ‘flex’ instagram post is really fun & entertaining i can’t help but keep laughing whenever there’s new post. Make sure to follow Yumdda on Instagram :@yumdda for more fun content.

Yumdda famous clips

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old & rich

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