Lili Coy Like (♡) | Just keep double tap

Lili Coy like (♡). A new song from a new talented Rnb & electronic musician Lili coy. A story about how people interacting in the digital world ~

Lili Coy Like

Lili Coy just debut last year with track Hahoo on august 2018, it’s not even 1 year!! Liiy coy use electronica as the base music and been experimenting with various genre like vintage lo-fi in her tracks. Lili Coy new track Likes tell a story about the change of an era, where people become closer due to technological advances yet their relationship is ‘electronic’ & ‘Mechanical’ . Not necessarily a bad thing, just a change.


Lili Coy Like (♡) MV

“Don’t wanna talk, I’d rather type, Don’t wanna call, you should text me. lying in my bed binging on my candy” That’s the lyrics of Lili Coy new track that really relatable for everyone who lives nowadays. We can comfortably interact with people with just a double taps on Instagram, even though the pictures we likes is a total stranger. Avoiding awkward circumstances with mechanical relationship.



Do you notice the bunny appear in the MV?? Yup ! Lili coy have a bunny as a pet alongside cat, that’s an unusual combination but they actually friendly with each other~

Lili Coy pets, Cat & bunny

Make sure to follow LIli Coy on instagram : @Lili_is_coy . Don’t miss out the cute interaction between Lili Coy Bunny & Cat !



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