Bizzy DIstance | A honest self confession

Bizzy Distance, a new single from the rapper of MFBTY and Feelghood Music. It’s a honest self confession from the rapper that have been through a lot in his career.

Bizzy Distance

The last time Bizzy release an official single is on January 2018 with Feelghood music Maknae Bibi as featuring artist. Bizzy have actually plan to release an album but it was hard and stressful to sort out the album concepts. Instead, Bizzy plan to release multiple single in near future! Can’t wait for more bizzy music ~


BIzzy Distance MV

With the piano from Zoey (Zoestune) Bizzy rap about everyone have their own comfortable distance Just like the lyrics “Keep My distance, that’s it thats enough, you do you and i’ll do me, can i have some privacy, Keep my distance so keep your distance”. The MV is actually made when MFBTY have a tour to Australia, Bizzy ask permission to go to New Zealand to visit his childhood place and just shoot a natural video while he’s there.



Bizzy is one of the pioneer of Korea hip hop and probably already achieve everything that any rapper could achieve. Movement Crew, win awards, SMTM producer, release more than 100 songs, and so many other achievement. Distance will be the first single of many single to come in BIzzy relay project.

Bizzy on SMTM 6 cypher

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