Horim LMYF | Love Make You Feel a lot of things~

Horim LMYF . R&B Singer & producer Horim release a new track titled LMYF. Which an abbreviation for Love Make you feel~

Horim LMYF

Officially debut on 2015, R&B Singer Horim have been one of the most steady contributor in the R&B music industry. Horim use a combination of R&B, Soul & Jazz as the base of his music that well love by the people. Not only one, Horim got two nomination for Korean Hip hop awards 2019, his album ‘Metrocity’ & the track ‘Sugar’ feat Paloalto is nominated as best R&B Album & Track of 2019 respectively in KHA 2019.


Horim LMYF Audio

The lyrics is all in english, and it tell a story about Love. Made by Horim & Hypotemp, this track use a lot of jazz elements incorporated in horim R&B style. This style of music is not easily found in South korea music scene, i even gave this track to one of my friend and she think this was a song from Ray Charles generation in the 50’s. That’s how unique Horim music is, it’s hard to find a comparison.



My Personal favorite track of Horim ‘SUG4R’ feat Paloalto

Make sure to follow Horim on Instagram : @Horimshin. Not only produce great music, Horim also post fun instagram post !!



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