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Ashiroo Hood Baby EP !! Check out the latest EP from A$hiroo that features EK, The Quiett Kid Milli, He also ready to join SMTM 8 this year. Let’s go !!

Ashiroo Hood Baby

A$hiroo debut last year with ‘Gimme that Oppa*’ EP . Since then, Ashiroo been really active whether its release music or perform in events. Recently Ashiroo have been invited to perform in HIphoplaya Festival & The Quiett rap House concert. There’s still not much information available right now about Ashiroo but there’s probably gonna be more if he’s going far on SMTM 8 later !


Ashiroo Hood Baby EP Tracklist

  • No Brakes
  • Real Hoodbabies feat EK
  • Thug Life
  • Real Hoodbabies remix feat The Quiett & Kid Milli

This EP release just 3 months after A$hiroo just release ‘Broke Boi Die Rich’ earlier this January 2019. All tracks inside the EP is produced by Ranez while mastered by Acacy .

Real Hoodbabies Remix feat The Quiett & Kid Milli

The title track from Ashiroo Hood Baby EP is actually the remix version that feature The Quiett & Kid Milli. Trendy trap track made by ranez that also suit School rapper 3 mentors The Quiett & Kid Milli. I Love how the beat goes hard when it’s The Quiett verse but go softer in Kid Milli verse, a nice touch by A$hiroo & producer Ranez.



A$hiroo also plan to join SMTM 8 Audition this year !!

Make sure to follow Ashiroo on Instagram : @Ashiroo ; Can’t wait to see you on SMTM 8 later this summer !!



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