Zion T Running | Remake legendary song with Joe Wonsun & Jinbo

Zion T Running. Haesol hyung isn’t running away from anything, this is just the title of the not so new track of Zion T !! Not So new ?? Yes! Because it’s a remake of a legendary song~

Zion T Running

Zion T is back !! Not with a new track¬† but a remake instead. THe original track was a legendary track, become popular multitple times in the 90’s. The first release was by Yoon Sang in the 90’s and re-released again on 2002 as a remake by popular 1st generation Girl Group S.E.S. It’s gonna be hard to remake such an iconic & legendary songs right ?? Not for our Digimon Zion T.


Zion T Running with Joe Wonsun & Jinbo Audio

Zion T is not alone in recreating this track, there’s producer Jinbo who already work with HoodY & Crush before for a remake of legendary 90’s track by DEUX.¬† There’s also legendary 90’s singer Joe Wonsun who sing the intro of the ‘Running’ Remake. The song is really good, i’m pretty sure it’s gonna charts really well if was release as Official single.



This is the S.E.S version of Running

Jinbo remake ‘As It Were’ (original Deux) feat Crush Hoody

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