HiLite Sign Remix | G2, YunB, Sway D & Reddy

HiLite Sign Remix !! The latest track from Hi-Lite records x Dingo ‘Hi Lite Sign’ got a remix version feature Hi Lite records own Member : G2. Sway D, YunB & Reddy !!

Hilite Sign Remix

“Beonjjeog deuleo Hi-Lite sign!!”The catchy hook from Paloalto & Beat from Producer Yosi is still here on this version of HiLite Sign Remix. One of my favorite traits from Hi-Lite records is they often perform in a pack (With most of the member). They also have many tracks where most of the member participate : G2 ‘Shikgoo’ , ‘Air 2019‘,Break Bread and the most recent ‘Hi Lite Sign‘ (Both original & remix version).


G2, Sway D, YunB & Reddy Hilite SIgn Remix

The ‘Veteran’ of Hi-Lite records also did their take of Hi-Lite Sign. “A good beats is a beat that suit many rapper style not only one particular artist”, Producer Yosi beats for Hi-LIte sign really suit the style of everyone  in this remix version (G2, YunB, Reddy & SwayD) Not Only for the young ones like Swervy & Jowonu.



Now they can perform this song together on events, oh wait they already did !! On Hi-Lite records 9th years anniversary they perform this song together, minus G2 who was still overseas at United States & Swervy who still underage (2001 liner).  Put your Hi-Lite signs up !!

HiLite Sign + Hilite Sign Remix on Hi-Lite Records 9 year anniversary

Check out the Original HiLite sign !!

Make sure to follow the artist that participate in Hilite Sign Remix : @G2slife : @Supergreathurricane : @Yunbnotlilb & @Keemhongwu . Sway D also audition for SMTM 8 this year !



What do you think of HiLite Sign remix ?? Do  you  prefer the remix version or Original version ?? Let us know in t he comment section below !!