Flakko Maybe feat Alisha | Fiery rap in R&B vibes

Flakko Maybe feat Alisha. FLakko of 24 crew have been rediscovering his music with a new R&B style. Let’s check out the latest one !

FLakko Maybe

Just few months ago, Flakko release ‘Never Again’ EP with 7 tracks inside. Have more than 50 tracks since 2018, Flakko is really active, he even join SMTM 777 Last year!! Now, Flakko is back with a new track title maybe feature rising R&B Singer Alisha.



Flakko Maybe feat Alisha Audio

According to single description, this track is a softer & emotional version of Flakko Music. Even though the music is more R&B instead of hard hip-hop that 24 crew used to, Flakko flow were still fire ! Alisha unique voice on 2:20 really complement this song ~



Flakko also plan to join this year SMTM 8. Last year, Flakko is unlucky and eliminated in 3rd round in a battle against Luda/Sureen & Dox A. Whatever the result this season, we hope Flakko got more airtime from MNET !!

Flakko SMTM 8 Audition


Bonus : Alisha ‘Selfish’ audio

Make sure to follow Flakko & alisha on Instagram : @24flakko ; @cocalisha . Can’t wait for more music from them !!



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