BRAY TTM new track | Till The morning ~

BRAY TTM !! A new track from All I Know Music artist BRAY. What does TTM means ?? It’s actually an abbreviation for Till the morning ~.


BRAY officially debut on 2015 after making a lot of noise on 2014 as a winner of KBS rap Pansori, a program that combine hip hop & south korea traditional music Pansori (The show actually quite popular back then). BRAY also join SMTM multiple times, most notably SMTM 5 when battle against donutman. Now he’s back with a new track titled TTM !!



Wait, why the audio was posted under SM Entertainment ?? This is because All I Know Music share was recently bought by SM, the artist of AIKM like Duckbae, Giant Pink, Sohlhee, K Jun & BRAY is not under SM per se, they still have a freedom to make music as usual and they got some promotion from SM just like Million Market artist.



BRAY been quite active, especially in featuring where he features in 28 other artist tracks.. Bray voice and flow really suit many type of music genre. As a proof, last year BRAY even featured in Trot singer Hong Jinyoung track ‘Seoul’ !!

Bray at SMTM 5 vs Donutman


Bray on Red BUll KBS Rap Pansori

Make sure to follow BRAY on Instagram :@Holla_Bray . & All I Know Music on Instagram : @alliknowmusic . Can’t wait for future updates from BRAY and AIKM !!



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