Bambi Blue Jam Album | First Full solo album

Bambi blue jam album !! Talented R&B Singer Bambi is back with the 1st full album titled Blue Jam with 11 tracks inside the album ~.

Bambi Blue Jam

Officially debut on 2018, Kim Sooji (real name) already have more than 30 tracks that include 5 single album, 1 EP and 6 featurings in just a year!! That’s not an easy accomplishment. Bambi also a part of Xalion Crew that include douner, Terry, Ruddie Miller & many more. TMI : Some member of Xalion Crew also gonna join AOMG SIgn Here this year !!


Bambi Blue Jam Album tracklist

  • Hog Heaven
  • Push Me
  • Time In Blue feat CMBY
  • Billage feat Kichawoo
  • Black Cotton candy feat Brice
  • Door (moon)
  • River Run (piano version)
  • No Mercy
  • Hog Heaven (Instrumental)
  • Door (Moon) (Instrumental)
  • River Run (Instrumental)

Bambi Blue Jam full length album express feelings for Blue color. A color where sorrow and joy coexist. Blue could be the most beautiful color, or become your worst enemy when you are depressed. A Color full of mystery that changes according to person mood.

Time In Blue feat CMBY Special clip

Title track of Bambi Blue Jam album titled ‘Time In blue‘ feature CMBY who just debut last month with the track ‘Get Down‘. Produced by  Add Blessed, A trendy track that made you jam into the beat yet with lyrics full of anxiety.



Do you have a really rough day  want to go to sleep ASAP and didnt want to woke up because dreaming in your sleep is the best thing you experience today ?? That’s Bambi feelings when she made the track ‘Time In Blue’. A relatable feelings that we probably had to experience daily.

Bambi No Mercy MV

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