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Kim Hojin the Kawaii creator. We all fall in love with the young rapper Hotchkiss on School rapper 3, now he chosen as ambassador for Gyeonggi Province office of Education.

Kim Hojin

Gyeonggji province office of education appoint School rapper 3 contestant Kim Hojin among many others talented kid as a public relation ambassador for Gyeonggji Province. The new appointed ambassador will support student education activities by participate in various educational campaigns to convey important & meaningful message for students education in the province


Kim Hojin with new Ambassador of Gyeonggi Province office of education

Kim Hojin

Further, Superintendent  of Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education Lee Jae-jung said that he believe that the new appointed ambassador have the power to inspire  & change people (students) path of life in South korea.


Kawaii Hojin steal mentors heart

Hotchkiss already steal mentor, contestant & everyone heart from the 1st episode of School Rapper 3. His tagline Kawaii creator and signature hand gesture become a viral sensation, not only for korea hiphop fans but all citizen alike.



Hotchkiss x Lil Tachi ‘Snow’

Hojin maybe eliminated too early on the 5th episode, when he’s and Lil Tachi lose against Young Kay & Gist. Even though Hotchkiss is eliminated early, he’s still gain enormous recognition & popularity, not losing against the finalist of School rapper 3.


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