TWLV Blueline EP | The line that connect Reason & instinct

TWLV Blueline EP. The latest music release from the talented singer of Yng & Rich Records. Let’s get to know more about TWLV & Blueline EP.

TWLV is back !!  Oficially debut on 2018 with a collaborative EP with Superbee, TWLV have been making lots of noise recently He even goes as far as top 5 on SBS survival show about talented yet unknown artist. Now Twlv is a part of Yng & Rich records with Superbee & Uneducated Kid. Bluline EP is also the debut of TWLV under Yng & Rich records.


TWLV Blueline tracklist

  • Blueline
  • Eleven feat Bibi
  • In the room
  • You (Live)
  • Ven (Live)

All the track is co composed by TWLV himself & producer The Need. This EP show a different side of TWLV, the songs is more heavy & deep compared to TWLV past music & appearance on SBS The Fan.

TWLV In the room Live clip

I really love this version of ‘In the room‘ from 1thek. This version starts without any music and just TWLV great voice acapella. My only criticism of TWLV ‘Moolood Gang Tape’ with Superbee back in 2018 is he use autotune & voice altering effect which is not really needed consider his great voice. TWLV is one of the best singer in South Korea, not only krnb, period.



If you havent watch SBS the Fan, you missing out on a lot of TWLV. This is one of TWLV best performance on the show, covering G Soul ‘You’. It also included in the blueline EP !!

TWLV ‘You’ on SBS The Fan

Make sure to follow TWLV & Agency on Instagram : @twlvdayz & @yngandrichrecords . Can’t wait for future collaboration of TWLV with the agency member !



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What do you think of TWLV Blueline EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!