ROMderful DEAN Tabber Collaboration | New Single ‘1 Missed Call’

We’re not even close to half through the year of 2019 but we’re getting more and more exciting collaborations. This time it’s ROMderful featuring DEAN and Tabber!

Dean Tabber ROMderful 1 Missed Call

ROMderful Dean Tabber collaboration !! Romderful,  a producer and songwriter from Birmingham, UK, has been friends with DEAN for a long time. Every time they hang out or perform together I feel like they really should drop a single. TMI : They were really clos eos they hang out a lot !!


ROMderful Dean Tabber – ‘1 Missed Call’

They finally collaborated on a song called ‘1 Missed Call’, together with Tabber of you.will.knovv. ‘1 Missed Call’ is the second single of ROMderful’s debut album ‘Press L to Continue’ that is set to drop on April 23. We can’t wait !!!



DEAN – Love (featuring Syd of The Internet) (ROMderful Edit)

Check out ROMderful’s take on DEAN – Love (featuring Syd of The Internet). This Soundcloud track was release back on 2018, still one of my favorite take of Dean trakcs.


Keep up with DEAN @deantrbl and you.will.knovv @you.will.knovv on Instagram for their future releases.



Listen and purchase ROMderful – ‘1 Missed Call’ (featuring DEAN and Tabber) on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Google Play, and Deezer.



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